Free Solution Husband Wife Disputes

free solution husband wife disputes

The relationship is of husband and wife is the most beautiful thing. People say couples are made in heaven. But we see in modern times marriages are failing. There can be many reasons for the failure of marital institution. But we can have free solution husband wife disputes.

         These are the various reasons where one needs free solution husband wife disputes. Every religion attempts to save this relationship. The Islam provides free solution husband wife disputes to save failing husband wife relationships.

For a Bad Spouse: The wazifa for husband wife is effective in case of bitterness in marriage. In case of estrangement between husband and wife, the wazifa for husband 

Free solution husband wife disputes

wife is useful.

  • Work-Personal Life Imb


  • alance: When your spouse is busy working, the attention a partner deserves is diminished. The wife or the husband may feel neglected.
  • Due to a third person: Sometimes the husband in office may find someone more compatible than the wife. He then starts ignoring his wife in order to spend more time with the other person. The wife will feel unbearable negligence in this case. Hence it is allowed for her to seek the help of a wazifa.
  • An extra marital affair: Any relation without the purity of marriage is haram in Islam. A wife has the ability to love in many respects. She is the one responsible to love and take care of her husband. A wife keeps her husband happy. But if she is hurting him by being
  • disloyal then a husband can seek help from Quran. He/she can perform wazifa from Quran and can bring his wife back to him. The most important thing about Quranic

In Hinduism, free solution husband wife disputes are very intricately given.

Some of the important suggestions which are given by saints in Hinduism are:

  1. This solution is for Sundays only. You cannot perform it on any other days. But you should do it only
  2.  in the night. If done in the day, it will have no effect. The remedy says spread kumkum  on the side of the bed. And in the morning instead of applying normal kumkum, she should ask her husband to apply that kumkum to her. In the meanwhile she should keep taking MaaDurga’s chant.
  3. She should go to the temple of Shiva for 1 month daily in the morning. If she has done the Shiva fasts before marriage, her wish will fulfill early. Daily she should take 104 rounds in the temple 
  4. Another free solution husband wife dispute is putting a camphor tablet in the bedroom. Camphor is pure Free solution husband wife disputes
    and it kills all evil energies. From the next morning she will realize that her husband will start coming soon to the house. Will reenergize the lost romance in the relationship. And love will prevail in the house. The disputes will vanish away.
  5. If you have children then for one day make them pray to Lord Ganesha starting at 6am in the morning for 2-3 hours. This free solution husband wife disputes is for children below age 10.They should pray for a happy family. It will bring love in the family.